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Experience the thrill of reeling in a 200 pound tuna or marlin as we take you on an exhilarating journey across the stunning waters of Cabo San Lucas.

Whether you’re seeking a thrilling deep-sea adventure, targeting trophy-sized game fish, or simply looking to unwind and enjoy a leisurely day on the water, Let’s Go has the perfect charter for you. Our highly skilled captains and crew members are passionate about fishing and have an in-depth knowledge of native fish species. They’ll also guide you through the best fishing spots, share valuable techniques, and provide expert advice to help you make the most of your time on the water. Our vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art fishing gear and amenities, ensuring safety, comfort, and an enjoyable experience for everyone.


  • Half day fishing
  • Full day fishing
  • Whale watch

Marlin Fishing

Marlin can grow to astonishing lengths and weights. Known for their incredible speed and strength, they also present a welcome challenge for even the most experienced anglers. Our skilled crew will guide you through this thrilling experience, offering insider tips and techniques to maximize your chances of a trophy catch. Regardless of your skill level, Let’s Go is here to curate a custom adventure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Tuna Fishing

For those seeking an adrenaline-filled adventure, our competitive tuna fishing expeditions are designed to challenge you. With the guidance of our expert crew, participants will have the opportunity to compete against fellow anglers, testing their skills and strategy in reeling in the largest and most elusive tunas. Our recreational tuna fishing trips also cater to individuals and groups looking to enjoy a more relaxed and leisurely fishing experience.

Deep Sea FIshing

Operating in the world-renowned fishing grounds of the Pacific Ocean, our knowledgeable crew will take you on an exciting journey into the deep waters surrounding Cabo San Lucas. Our premium fishing gear and modern vessels ensure our guests have the best chance of hooking into the ultimate trophy fish, including tuna and blue and black marlin. Book your deep-sea fishing trip with Let’s Go today and set sail on the adventure of a lifetime!


Spearfishing combines the thrill of hunting with the fun of snorkeling, allowing you to dive into crystal-clear waters and track native fish species. Our guides will equip you with the best gear and provide extensive knowledge of the area’s marine ecology, guaranteeing an immersive and educational experience. We are committed to sustainable fishing practices while providing extraordinary blue sea adventures!

Whale Watching

As part of our comprehensive services, Let’s Go offers unforgettable whale watching excursions. Step aboard and get ready to witness spectacular breaches, tail flukes, and playful interactions all from the comfort and safety of our well-equipped vessels. From majestic humpback whales on their seasonal migration to graceful orcas roaming these waters, Let’s Go ensures an exhilarating and educational encounter with these gentle giants.

Tournament Fishing

Let’s Go has been successful in winning and placing in many Cabo and surrounding area tournaments. Reach out to us today to book your next tournament experience.